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Yo, God!
image P.T. Barnum once suggested that someone should invent a humbugometer, which would be a device to detect the presence of humbug. But the folks at Yo, God! have done Barnum one better. They've invented a God Detector, to detect the presence of God. For example, say that you beseech God for a sign, and at that moment the phone rings. Is that really a sign from God, or is it just a coincidence? Whip out your Yo, God! detector, and you'll have the answer.
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Posted by The Curator on Mon Mar 29, 2004
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The Yo-God Detector is NOT a hoax. Just because no gods have ever been detected doesn't mean it doesn't work. It works just fine.
Posted by Curmudgeon  on  Sun Jan 20, 2008  at  11:18 AM
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