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Jean Gauntt, the Immortal Baby, 1939
The Nazi Air Marker Hoax, 1942
September Morn, the painting that shocked the censor, 1913
Snowball the Monster Cat, 2000
Sober Sue, the woman who never smiled, 1907
Paul Krassner's Stereophonic Hoax, 1960
The Olympic Underwear Relay, 1956
Iceberg floats into Sydney Harbor, 1978
The Hitler Diary Hoax, 1983
What do the lines on Solo cups mean?
Would You Have Invested?
microsoft 1978 Does this photo that's been circulating through email really show the management of Microsoft as they looked back in 1978?
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Posted by The Curator on Fri Sep 05, 2003
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I find it hard to believe that Gordon Letwin is only worth 20 million.
Posted by Robert  in  Vancouver, B.C.  on  Sat Feb 12, 2005  at  04:51 AM
At first glance I probably would not invest but if I talked to them and found out what they were going for I may have invested some but not a large amount.
Posted by Don DeLay  in  seminole fla.  on  Sat May 22, 2010  at  10:37 AM
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