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World’s Largest Lamb Sculpture
Some guy named Bill Veall claims to have discovered the world's largest rock sculpture. It's somewhere in the Peruvian Andean mountains, and it's in the shape of a "sacred lamb". He says he found it by using satellite imaging techniques to search for ancient shapes and formations. I guess that rules out any possibility he's just seeing what he wants to see. (sarcasm)

From Sky News: "Mr Veall, who studies the relationships between astronomy and archaeological monuments, has faced a series of doubters who claim he doctored the images to create an elaborate hoax."

Big red flag indicating the skeptics may be right: Veall won't release the coordinates of the site. He says, "If I gave you the co-ordinates of the site, a million people would find it immediately... But we want to secure and preserve the site until we can get a scientific team to have a look at it."
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Posted by The Curator on Tue Dec 09, 2008
Comments (25)
A sacred lamb, from prehistoric Peru. . .


Obviously a skilled and knowledgeable individual when it comes to archaeology.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  02:33 AM
Exactly, Acci! This only *proves* that it was carved by ancient peruvian explorers who circled the globe in their crystal-powered space kayaks!

This guy may want to talk to Mr Hoagland about his findings...
Posted by Robin Bobcat  in  Californian Wierdo  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  04:22 AM
I don't see a sacred lamb. I see a small dog humping a larger dog.

Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  04:43 AM
I see NOTHING! Oh, wait! Isn't that the Virgin Mary...?
Posted by Christopher  in  Warm, sunny Florida  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  06:04 AM
Isn't his name a dead giveaway? Veall? Really? Also, James Bief has discovered a giant cow monument, and Fred Porque has discovered a large pig.
Posted by Michael Moncur  in  Earth  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  07:01 AM
Veal is not lamb, Michael.

I see a goat or something, but my guts say that it's just pareidolia.

I have very verbose guts. You know, for guts.
Posted by outeast  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  10:36 AM
I dont see anything, can some one post a pic with an outline of what im supposed to be seeing?
Posted by Craig Walker  in  UK  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  02:51 PM
I guess if it's in Peru it would more likely be a sacred llama.

However, now thanks to CMG, all I can see is two humping dogs - damn it!
Posted by Kristen55  in  Seattle, WA  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  07:04 PM
i was personally thrilled to find out someone besides myself noticed we are speaking of a discovery both questionable & meat-centred 'found' [in a manner of speaking] by a man named, ah, Veal[l].
Posted by poltergasm: for rats who pack  in  elsewise abandoned industrial wasteland, second fl  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  08:35 PM
this is even more fascinating, btw, if you click the link, listen to as much as you can tolerate of the spiel--then click the photo links. there you can also find an Antelope Head [in a manner of speaking, redux] & TWO faces of some heads or other that are VERY VERY clearly related to The Face On Mars. no joke.
Posted by poltergasm: for rats who pack  in  elsewise abandoned industrial wasteland, second fl  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  08:40 PM

tired, here.
Posted by poltergasm: for rats who pack  in  elsewise abandoned industrial wasteland, second fl  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  08:55 PM
that's what you can see:

by the way; i saw it like that too immediatly..
Posted by frank  on  Wed Dec 10, 2008  at  03:47 AM
"However, now thanks to CMG, all I can see is two humping dogs - damn it!"

You have a very dirty mind, Kristen.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Wed Dec 10, 2008  at  05:42 AM
I must not be very good at pareidolia; all I see is a rock. I feel like Charlie Brown at Halloween.
Posted by RainOubliette  in  Pennsylvania  on  Wed Dec 10, 2008  at  01:00 PM
Kristen55 sez:
"I guess if it's in Peru it would more likely be a sacred llama."

Of course it is, Kristen. It's a llovely lleaping llama llamb.
Posted by Big Gary  in  Shiner, Texas  on  Wed Dec 10, 2008  at  02:54 PM
Thanks for the link frank , still cant see it, looks more like a Rabbit to me
Posted by Craig Walker  on  Thu Dec 11, 2008  at  04:54 AM
yeah, well i see the rabbit too... just imagine that the rabbit is a lamb!
Posted by frank  on  Thu Dec 11, 2008  at  07:49 AM
Just imagine the rabbit is a lamb, but it is really just some rock.

pareidolia is so lame
Posted by Craig Walker  in  the UK  on  Thu Dec 11, 2008  at  07:58 AM
It looks more like a goat to me.
Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Thu Dec 11, 2008  at  03:09 PM
Here's a bad outline of what I saw.

Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Thu Dec 11, 2008  at  03:14 PM
Wow. It looks as though this Veall guy has been doing this sort of thing for at least thirty-four years.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Thu Dec 11, 2008  at  06:15 PM
see nothing but ugly stone
Posted by Black Pearl  in  Mainland of China  on  Fri Dec 12, 2008  at  04:01 AM
See it now, thanks Sakano
Posted by Craig Walker  in  UK  on  Fri Dec 12, 2008  at  07:47 PM
Guess paradoeila is in the mind of the observer - for example, some people look at the following image and see just a lump of dead mest, while others see hope and salvation - see for yourself

And I am going to Hell for this . . .
Posted by D F Stuckey  in  Auckland New Zealand  on  Mon Dec 15, 2008  at  11:15 PM
I have to agree... small dog humping a larger dog. Which only proves that some humor is timeless.
Posted by Marc  on  Sat Jan 17, 2009  at  08:53 PM
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