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A 9-year-old student was NOT suspended for wishing his atheist teacher a Merry Christmas
The War on Christmas! Looks like some people are taking seriously this spoof National Report article about a 9-year-old kid being suspended for wishing his atheist teacher a Merry Christmas.

National Report is one of the many satirical news sites that are now online. Although you have to search its site for a while before finding its disclaimer ("National Report is a news and political satire web publication"), because they don't post it on the bottom of every page, which can easily lead people to believe its stories are real.
Categories: Religion
Posted by The Curator on Mon Dec 16, 2013
Comments (1)
That website is NOT satire, it is distinctly unclever fear-mongering agitprop and intentional rumor fodder.
Posted by Brian  on  Tue Dec 17, 2013  at  10:23 AM


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