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Win Toilet Paper
Enter the Win-Toilet-Paper sweepstakes, and the toilet-paper delivery man could soon be knocking on your door. I'm not sure if this is for real or not. I don't feel like supplying them with my email address to find out.

Update: Apparently it's real. Strange, but real.
Categories: Business/Finance, Websites
Posted by The Curator on Mon Aug 11, 2003
Comments (2)
The link provided is broken, it says " cannot be found. Please check name and try again". Sounds neat though wink
Posted by Marshmello  in  Canada  on  Fri Aug 25, 2006  at  08:06 PM
Oh darn! I really wanted to win some toilet paper. (Really)
Posted by Pringle  on  Wed Jan 03, 2007  at  07:18 PM
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