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Man flies by own lung power, 1934
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The Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar Hoax, 1874
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Who Should Win the Caption Contest?
I said that I would decide who should win the caption contest today. But I'm having a tough time making a decision because there are a number of good entries. So I've decided to make the contest more democratic and let the winner be decided by a vote. I've selected my top eight choices. Pick your favorite, and cast your vote. I'll let the voting run for a day or two.
Update: As of Dec. 23, Kieran won the vote . Congratulations!

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Posted by The Curator on Tue Dec 20, 2005
Comments (14)
I would like you all to meet a real Woody.
Posted by Daniel McAndrew  on  Tue Dec 20, 2005  at  08:53 PM
Woody Woodpecker? Woody the Cowboy? Woody Wilson?
Posted by Yaanu  on  Tue Dec 20, 2005  at  09:55 PM
Oh, can we vote more than once? There's so many good ones!
Posted by Nettie  in  Perth, Western Australia  on  Wed Dec 21, 2005  at  05:18 AM
NO NETTIE!!! That's how that shit in Florida got started.
Posted by Craig  on  Wed Dec 21, 2005  at  12:48 PM
Go ahead and vote more than once, Nettie. The right one will eventually win, just like in Florida.
Posted by booch  on  Wed Dec 21, 2005  at  03:39 PM
Alex, it's obvious that "Seano: "...And this is what God does to those who self-abuse. Now, on to the 7th circle." Should win....thats freak'n funny!
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Wed Dec 21, 2005  at  03:53 PM
It's one vote per ip address. So to vote twice you'd need to use a different computer.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Wed Dec 21, 2005  at  10:55 PM
...or proxy... o:-)
Posted by Gutza  on  Thu Dec 22, 2005  at  11:41 AM
my captions would have been

"Here lies the tomb of the Jolly Green Giant"
PT Barnum style...A sucker born every minute...
Posted by richard OBrien  in  Johnstown NY  on  Thu Dec 22, 2005  at  01:31 PM
well done kieran, definately the best caption here
Posted by Tom  in  UK  on  Thu Dec 22, 2005  at  05:57 PM
apart from mine of course OJ tongue wink
Posted by Tom  in  UK  on  Thu Dec 22, 2005  at  06:02 PM
Well done Kieran
Good caption smile
Posted by Sharruma  in  capable of finishing a coherent  on  Thu Dec 22, 2005  at  06:21 PM
Personally, Seano's is the best wink
Posted by Tony Pax  on  Thu Dec 22, 2005  at  09:57 PM
I like Kierans, that's why I voted for it.

Here's mine "and here we come upon one of the most ancient forms of pornography. This statue is called "The moaning Clinton", it's a Lewinsky.

Yeah, I tried but Kierans is great.
Posted by Truman  on  Fri Dec 23, 2005  at  02:14 AM
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