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UPS Uniform Hoax
image Mark wrote to let me know that the UPS Uniform Email Hoax is making the rounds again (the corporate security at his office thoughtfully forwarded it to everyone he works with). This hoax is an old one, going back almost two years. Basically the email claims that terrorists managed to purchase $32,000 worth of UPS uniforms on eBay, so everyone should have their eyes out for phony UPS employees delivering packages. The latest version of the message has the fake signature of a Homeland Security Official appended to the bottom of it, making it seem even more authentic. The reality is that no such huge sale of UPS uniforms ever took place, and eBay does its best to stop the sale of items such as UPS uniforms. Although I just did a search on eBay for 'UPS Uniforms' and was able to find one extremely good looking uniform. Hopefully eBay will pull this auction soon, but in the meantime, watch out for any snoopy-sized UPS employee trying to deliver you a package.
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Posted by The Curator on Thu May 20, 2004
Comments (3)
I think it's fairly amusing when people freak out about UPS uniforms on E-bay when you can get almost any work shirt and pants at a vintage clothing store or Salvation Army store. I have mechanics shirts from three airlines and a UPS delivery shirt that I purchased from various second hand stores. It doesn't mean I have plans to use them for nefarious means. And the whole point of uniforms and security would be moot if people just asked for ID.
Posted by Michael  in  Maryland  on  Fri May 21, 2004  at  11:42 AM
Now you've done it. You've associated your name with key words (Uniform, airline, etc.) so now your name and e-mail will show up on the PATRIOT act search engine and they'll come and take you for a nice vaction in Cuba...oh, drat, I've put my name in the same area...they'll come for me too...wait what's that noise? "Hey, who are you guys! Put me down! Where are you tak.......
Posted by Gee...  on  Fri May 21, 2004  at  03:46 PM
Today at work, someone mentioned this very situation. The amazing thing is they said a local bank actually issued a memo about this!! Truly amazing!
Posted by Amazed!!  on  Tue May 25, 2004  at  07:23 PM
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