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Unfortunate URL:
Status: Real
Here's another site to add to my ongoing list of unfortunate The site explains that OMFG stands for 'Official Meeting Facilities Guide.' They claim to be "the industry’s leading meeting planning print directory for the most active meeting professionals." They seem to have no clue that OMFG is more commonly used as an acronym for a different phrase ('Oh My F***ing God'). But having this URL probably generates a fair amount of traffic for them, so maybe it was an intentional choice. Plus, it's an easy URL to remember. (Thanks to Kathy for the link.)
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Posted by The Curator on Thu Jul 06, 2006
Comments (8)
Oh come on, you haven't heard of the stodgy, blue-chip law firm Morrison & Foerster's unfortunate URL?
Posted by Tupe  on  Thu Jul 06, 2006  at  05:33 PM
Well, that's another one to add to the list. smile
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Thu Jul 06, 2006  at  05:53 PM
There's also " "
Posted by Citizen Premier  in  spite of public outcry  on  Thu Jul 06, 2006  at  07:23 PM
I was also disappointed to discover that was not a site dedicated to those who have reached the end of their luck-line.
Posted by EJWise  in  Madison, WI  on  Sat Jul 08, 2006  at  06:17 PM
other funny things about if you click on About the Firm, a navbar opens with the option "MOFO in the Community" and you can contact their support center at 866-ASK-MOFO
Posted by discount dirt  in  Dallas  on  Mon Aug 07, 2006  at  04:07 PM
Well, that's another one to add to the list.
Posted by mike18  on  Mon Nov 12, 2007  at  07:25 AM
OMFG- OH My Forgiving God! That's what it stands for. Get used to it. From now on I declare OMFG to mean:OH My Forgiving God!
Posted by Michael Garza  on  Wed Apr 30, 2008  at  09:14 AM
They actually have a booklet which seems to indicate they were around before the OMFG acronym showed up
Posted by Zareste  on  Wed Jul 16, 2008  at  12:57 PM
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