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UFO seen in Seattle

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Categories: Extraterrestrial Life
Posted by The Curator on Fri Aug 16, 2013
Comments (4)
Oh yeah, that's real.
Posted by Dana  on  Fri Aug 16, 2013  at  07:12 PM
Funny how some people will use anything to try to force belief in UFO's. I could be wrong (likely not), but I am pretty sure that is the Space Needle.
Posted by Dave Pew  in  California  on  Mon Aug 19, 2013  at  06:11 PM
Who would have thought that pollution could contribute to UFO sitings?
Yes that's the Space Needle.
Posted by RedneckRival  on  Sat Aug 31, 2013  at  06:20 AM
that's not pollution bro, it's fog.
Posted by alexa prince  in  seattle  on  Mon Sep 09, 2013  at  12:20 AM
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