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Tom Cruise Lectures on Modern Science of Mental Health
Status: Hoax
A press release that appeared during the past week on declared that Tom Cruise would be delivering a series of four lectures at a scientology centre in Los Angeles on "topics related to 'The Modern Science of Mental Health.'" The press release turned out to be a hoax, getting a stern response from Cruise's lawyer: "It's totally phony... Tom is not giving any lectures... I'm going to look into it, because, in my view, it's forgery, wire fraud and apparently committed on an interstate basis. So, if I can find out who did this, I certainly intend to pursue every remedy I can find." The press release has now been removed from pressbox, so in the interest of posterity, here it is:

Continuing his vigorous advocacy for Scientology's solutions to mental health problems, Tom Cruise will deliver a series of four lectures on topics related to "The Modern Science of Mental Health" beginning next month. Co-sponsored by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, the lectures will be held at Scientology's Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles. All lectures will be free to the public. Due to limited seating at the Celebrity Centre, tickets will be available only to Scientology parishioners and selected members of the press, but the lectures will be simulcast on the web, and a live video feed will be available for broadcasters who wish to cover these highly informative presentations.

The first lecture, set for October 15, is titled "How Psychiatry Invented Schizophrenia, and What Scientologists Can Do About It".

The second lecture, tentatively scheduled for October 22, is on "Handling Sexual Dis-Orientation: Out of the Closet and Into the Auditing Room".

The topic of the third lecture, in early November, will be "Diagnosis and Treatment of So-Called Clinical Depression with the Hubbard Mark Super VII Quantum Electropsychometer".

The fourth lecture is "Neuroanatomical Changes Resulting from Chronic Methamphetamine Abuse: Can Narconon's Sauna and Niacin Treatment Program Help?"

Transcripts of each lecture will be made available after the broadcast.

(via A Socialite's Life)
Categories: Celebrities, Psychology
Posted by The Curator on Thu Sep 29, 2005
Comments (13)
That's absolutely brilliant! One of those times I think 'I wish I'd thought of that...'

Given Cruise's record of giving spontaneous 'lectures' on TV and elsewhere on subjects very like these I'd say his lawyer is well-advised to be sticking to the wire fraud angle rather than crying libel:)
Posted by paul in prague  in  decisive  on  Thu Sep 29, 2005  at  07:37 AM
Hubbard Mark Super VII Quantum Electropsychometer

i dont see why the agent is so pissed, it's not like Tom isnt a Scientologist....I think it would be hilarious to see a something like this but instead have Tom switch to and rant about some other alternate "religion".
Posted by Chuck  in  Rhode Island  on  Thu Sep 29, 2005  at  09:47 AM
Chuck, you do realize that the Hubbard Mark Super VII Quantum Electropsychometer is real (as in Tom very probably actually owns and uses one)?
Posted by kf  on  Fri Sep 30, 2005  at  02:30 PM
kf, I am aware of the E-Meter, short for Electropsychometer sometimes called the Hubbard Electropsychometer but I am pretty sure that the Mark Super VII Quantum part is tongue in cheek, if I am remembering correctly, it is from Marvin The Martian (WB cartoons/Bugs Bunny).

I could be wrong as I am no Scientologist (thank god) but that was my interpretation. smile
Posted by Chuck  in  Rhode Island  on  Sat Oct 01, 2005  at  11:12 AM
OK, so it isn't true. But the scary thing is that it might well have been. And as for his lawyer "looking into it"; of course he will. After all, sueing people is what scientologists do!
Posted by eovti  in  Sandefjord, Norway  on  Sat Dec 03, 2005  at  09:50 AM
...A Healthcare Commission review found that those needing access to round-the-clock care did not always have somebody to talk to...
Posted by Mental health  in  USA  on  Fri Oct 27, 2006  at  09:37 AM
I actually thought you'd made a mistake by posting this as hoax. Hasn't he actually given lectures like this anyway?
Although I did wonder about lecture number 2 and how Tom got in the auditing room with that one!
Posted by Mark - London  on  Wed Feb 06, 2008  at  07:30 PM
Mental health is so important.
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Is this also Scientology? grin
Posted by Christian Bayer  in  Germany  on  Wed May 07, 2008  at  08:12 AM
i dont see why the agent is so pissed, it's not like Tom isnt a Scientologist....I think it would be hilarious to see a something like this but instead have Tom switch to and rant about some other alternate "religion".
Posted by crispian  in  usa  on  Fri Aug 29, 2008  at  06:33 PM
I'm sure good ol' Tom has done a few of these in the past and just wasn't feeling up to it this time around grin

Posted by Mark  on  Sat Sep 06, 2008  at  12:58 PM
Hi, That's really good. Tom Cruise Lectures are always inspiring me.
Posted by David Gortler  in  US  on  Tue Dec 30, 2008  at  02:40 AM
It was a good hoax catch though.
Posted by Dental Plan  in  IN, USA  on  Tue Oct 27, 2009  at  08:04 PM
Totally hoax! As if Tom Cruise is intitled to give such lectures.
Posted by drug addiction treatment  on  Tue Sep 14, 2010  at  05:35 PM
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