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Thorax Cake
Apparently this was made for a pumpkin carving party (Halloween, I assume), but it would work great as an April Fool's Day food prank as well. It's easily one of the most disgusting food creations I've ever seen, and yet it's just cake. (via Sore Eyes)
Categories: Food, Pranks
Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 01, 2004
Comments (6)
I teach school and my elementary school students would absolutely LOVE the grossness of this cake.

I am SO impressed... all be it very disgusting. The write up was awesome. I can't believe people actually enjoyed the raspberry sauce!
Posted by dinah  on  Fri Apr 02, 2004  at  01:59 AM
I hate to say this, but ithink this is no hoax. Disgusting and weird as it is.
Posted by J  on  Mon Apr 05, 2004  at  04:04 PM
J, he never said it was a hoax. He said it would be a good April Fool's Day joke. If you remember, earlier he had an article about substituting foods as a prank.
Posted by Goo  in  Maine  on  Mon Apr 05, 2004  at  05:22 PM
fine, iretract my previous statement and alter it so that it claims this is a great prank instead of is no hoax
Posted by J  on  Wed Apr 07, 2004  at  04:04 PM
Gross! shut eye
Posted by Shah  in  Singapore  on  Sat Jul 31, 2004  at  03:57 AM
pretty good. the cake looks awesome!
Posted by Eva  in  New York  on  Sun Mar 19, 2006  at  01:34 PM
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