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They Captured ET

Talk about a pain in the neck. Photoshop has made this guy look a bit like a giraffe, or E.T.

This photo has been circulating via email for a few months. It's usually titled 'They finally captured E.T." or some variation of that. I think it's fair to conclude that the neck and stomach of the man being led away by the police officer have been digitally enlarged. Note the boxy pixellation where the photoshopper cut-and-pasted to lengthen the neck:

(thanks to Karen Robinson for sending this).
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Posted by The Curator on Tue Aug 12, 2003
Comments (2)
You sure thats not Gary E.? I know someone that resembles that guy. raspberry
Posted by sun shine  on  Sun Dec 12, 2004  at  08:16 PM
Thats not Gary E. thats my long lost alien cousin who i never met!

We look so much alike!!!!
Posted by Eva  in  New york  on  Tue Mar 07, 2006  at  08:43 PM
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