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The Roosterfish
Fred Freer sent in the following press release. I'll let everyone form their own conclusions about this "roosterfish."

Fossil Find of the Century?
Local artist and stonescaper, Fred Freer, discovers unique fossil in Chena Ridge hills. While teaching his sons the art and process of hand-splitting stone (for landscaping purposes), Freer Uncovered what seemed to be fossil remains of a birds head and beak. But upon further examination and cleaning the tail and fins of a fish also began to appear. Coined "roosterfish", and an amazing find it is, Freer states that "this is really gonna mess with the 'chicken and the egg hypothesis'".
Unveiling of "the fossil" and artistic renderings of "the creature" will be presented at Well Street Art Gallery, Fairbanks, Alaska on April 5th from 5-8pm. (Alaska time).

Categories: Animals
Posted by The Curator on Sun Mar 31, 2013
Comments (2)
The body and fins in the first 3 photos look exactly like a male Betta. (The pet store favorite found in a little bowl)
Posted by stopeatingmysesamecake  on  Wed Apr 10, 2013  at  03:22 PM
Looks like they started with a Betta, made alterations, then carved, etc. into a stone. Which, incidentally appears to be igneous - so it couldn't be a fossil anyway.
Stone carver exhibited that very month at that gallery.
Also, there is a Rooter Fish Rd. in Fairbanks.
Posted by Jd Hollingsworth  in  NYC  on  Wed Jul 10, 2013  at  12:59 AM
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