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Van Gogh's ear exhibited, 1935
Jernegan's Gold Accumulator Scam, 1898
Female thieves hide money in their bras, 1950
Did Paul McCartney die on Nov. 9, 1966?
Princess Caraboo, servant girl who became a princess, 1817
Use your left ear to detect lies
The Great Wall of China Hoax, 1899
BMW's April Fool's Day Hoaxes
Jean Gauntt, the Immortal Baby, 1939
The boy with the golden tooth, 1593
The Land of Molvania
If you're looking for an interesting place to visit on your next vacation, you might want to check out Molvania. It's located over in Eastern Europe and is famous as the birthplace of the whooping cough. Also home to the Molvanian Sneezing Hound. If you want to learn even more about this little-known country then get a copy of Molvania: A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry, by Jetlag Travel.
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Posted by The Curator on Mon Dec 29, 2003
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just saw this

good stuff!
Posted by homer jay  in  usa  on  Fri Jun 25, 2004  at  06:32 PM
Good job, thanks
Posted by Man ko  in  EU  on  Tue Apr 19, 2005  at  02:02 AM
check out Molvania's top pop music artist Zladko Vladcik
Posted by squilibrato  in  italy  on  Tue Sep 20, 2005  at  07:11 PM
"Vlad" is Santo Cilauro, of the former 'D Generation', an Australian comedy group in the early 90s.
Posted by Shawn  in  USA USA USwhat  on  Wed Jan 18, 2006  at  05:41 PM
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