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The Jiffy Prank
Apparently there's a tradition of past employees of Jiffy Lube breaking into the store and stealing the bleeder valve on the compressor, thus rendering the machine useless. It's called the "Jiffy prank." At least, that's the excuse Paul Marvella is giving to explain why he took the valve. He later returned it, but nevertheless the store is charging him with felony commercial burglary. [Hernando Today]
Categories: Law/Police/Crime, Pranks
Posted by The Curator on Wed Jun 24, 2009
Comments (3)
Um, I think a burglary's still a burglary, Paul, even if it is traditional.

Some traditions are, as Hamlet said, "More honored in the breach than in the observance."
Posted by Big Gary  in  Brazoria, Texas  on  Wed Jun 24, 2009  at  05:17 PM
How is this even remotely a prank and not vandalism?
Posted by Joe  on  Thu Jun 25, 2009  at  11:36 PM
Posted by Phantom Technician  in  Pinebrook, N.J.  on  Tue Nov 17, 2009  at  05:35 PM
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