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The Boonville Beer
Status: Tall-tale creature
image I've found another beer to add to my list of hoax-themed beers: Boonville Beer. Its label shows a picture of a bear with antlers. I was having a bottle of this beer (the outmeal stout) out on the patio this afternoon, saw the antlered bear, and got curious. A quick internet search revealed that the creature isn't actually a bear. The Anderson Valley Brewing Company website explains:

It's not a bear. Bears don't have antlers. Of course not. Who ever heard of such a thing? It is, however, a BEER. The Legendary Boonville Beer to be exact. Barkley, by name, who could be considered a cross between a bear and a deer (thus a beer). Barkley and his brethren are often seen about Anderson Valley by lovers of truly fine beers (especially if they've had a few).

The beer itself was pretty good, though I usually prefer stouts that have more of a chocolate flavor.
Categories: Folklore/Tall Tales, Food
Posted by The Curator on Sun Apr 09, 2006
Comments (2)
Are you familiar with Rogue Brewery from Oregon?

Their chocolate stout is the best I've tasted, and I've tasted a lot grin
Posted by intjudo  on  Mon Apr 10, 2006  at  08:12 PM
I've seen their bottles in the store, but never tried it. I'll have to pick some up this weekend.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Tue Apr 11, 2006  at  01:45 AM
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