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Taco Bells buys the Liberty Bell, 1996
The disumbrationist art hoax, 1924
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Eccentric's last prank, 66 years after his death, 1900
Monkeys pick cotton, a 19th-century urban legend
A black lion: real or fake?
Man flies by own lung power, 1934
The Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar Hoax, 1874
The April Fool’s Day Database
It may seem like I've been neglecting the site, but that's not true. Actually, I've been busy adding a new feature to it: The April Fool's Day Database. Over the years I've collected a lot of info about April Fools, but it was all disorganized, posted in a variety of places. So I figured it needed to be gathered together in one place and categorized. It was one of those jobs that turned out to be much larger than I originally anticipated, but it's now mostly done. (Well, about three-quarters done.) And it's already, without a doubt, the largest collection of information about April Fool's Day anywhere, online or offline. Not that there's much competition in the field of April Fool's Day research, because most people are sane enough not to spend their time tracking down information about old pranks and hoaxes.

So anyway, it's now possible to browse through categories such as April Fool's Day Botany, April Fool's Day cartoons, and even Loch Ness Monster-Themed April Fool's Day Hoaxes. How the world managed to survive before without this information, I don't know.
Categories: April Fools Day
Posted by The Curator on Thu Mar 12, 2009
Comments (2)
Hurrah! We are saved!
Posted by Accipiter  on  Fri Mar 13, 2009  at  12:40 PM
Is there a category of Nobel Prize Alex could be awarded for this important research achievement? Lord knows the man deserves some recognition...
(Keep it up Alex!)
Posted by kat  in  perth, australia  on  Fri Mar 13, 2009  at  10:51 PM
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