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Spacey’s Faux Mugging
Kevin Spacey has recanted on his claim that he was mugged in a London park at 4 am and had his cellphone stolen. What he meant to say was that he voluntarily handed over his phone to someone who asked if they could use it to call their mother, but instead ran away with it. Then Spacey tripped over his dog and cut his head. Not quite the same. But saying you were mugged sounds a little more respectable than admitting you fell for what is, quite literally, the oldest con in the book (the origin of the term con, or 'confidence scam,' dates back to the 1840s when a swindler named William Thompson would approach gentlemen on the streets of New York and ask them if they had enough confidence to lend their watch to a stranger. Upon being handed the watch, Thompson would simply walk away with it. Substitute cellphone for watch and you have what Spacey fell for.) (Thanks, Goo)
Categories: Celebrities, Con Artists
Posted by The Curator on Mon Apr 19, 2004
Comments (3)
I think he should be commended for going back to the police to tell them what really happened. story.Most people wouldn't bother to do that.
Posted by vivian tozzi  on  Tue Jun 22, 2004  at  11:58 AM
What is he doing in a London Park at 4 a/m??? Meeting with George Michael????
Posted by catlady  on  Thu Jul 29, 2004  at  01:18 AM
No,he was in the park at 4:30am walking his dog.It is interesting to note that the nastier the innuendoes ,the earlier the time becomes that he was supposed to be in the park!
Posted by vivian tozzi  on  Sat Aug 07, 2004  at  01:45 PM
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