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The Cottingley Fairies, 1917
September Morn, the painting that shocked the censor, 1913
The Crown Prince Regent of Thulia, 1954
Swiss peasants harvest spaghetti from trees, 1957
Baby Yoga, aka Swinging Your Kid Around Your Head
Dog wins art contest, 1974
The Great Space Monkey Hoax, 1953
Did Paul McCartney die on Nov. 9, 1966?
The disumbrationist art hoax, 1924
Sober Sue, the woman who never smiled, 1907
Scientific Fraud at Bell Labs
Scientific Fraud at Bell Labs. Jan Hendrik Schon, a nanotechnology hotshot, gets caught falsifying data.

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Posted by The Curator on Mon Sep 30, 2002
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My Name is Hans, I d fraud sometimes especailly on ebay Amiga Atari.

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Posted by  in  beaverton, oregon  on  Mon Sep 05, 2005  at  06:48 PM

Posted by Kim Safi  in  USA  on  Sun Nov 14, 2010  at  12:53 AM
Fraud ?
Posted by Song  in  USA  on  Thu Dec 02, 2010  at  09:18 AM
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