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image Paul Stender has built a jet-powered outhouse. He calls it the Port-O-Jet. No it doesn't run on natural gas (the obvious joke). But it can reach speeds of 46 mph with a good tailwind. The hoax is that it doesn't actually function as a toilet. Pity. Now if he could make the toilet work, and then outfit it with wireless internet access, it could be the world's first jet-powered iLoo.
Categories: Technology
Posted by The Curator on Wed Dec 15, 2004
Comments (3)
Whoa! You failed to mention you could actually enter the thing and drive it. I thought it was remote control at first. chill
Posted by John  on  Wed Dec 15, 2004  at  10:10 PM
Reminds me of the old "Destroylet" camp toilets. You closed it after using, and a jet of flame would render any waste into sterile ashes. There's a new company marketing them at

It was a little scary. But since the jet toilet above already has the fuel, it could probably be adapted easily.
Posted by cvirtue  in  deleted  on  Wed Dec 15, 2004  at  11:09 PM
Why did this man do this? It's not very interesting, profitable, and it won't get him the chicks. Someone has issues to work out.
Posted by bobo  on  Thu Dec 16, 2004  at  02:03 PM
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