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Dead Body of Loch Ness Monster Found, 1972
Vilcabamba, the town of very old people, 1978
The Olympic Underwear Relay, 1956
The Berners Street Hoax, 1810
Stotham, Massachusetts: the town that didn't exist, 1920
Loch Ness Monster Hoaxes
Samsung invents the on/off switch
'Solar Armor' freezes man in Nevada Desert, 1874
Burger King's Left-Handed Whopper Hoax, 1998
Princess Caraboo, servant girl who became a princess, 1817
Photocopier Accident
image Here's a link to some video footage of an accident with a photocopier. I don't have any details about where this footage was taken, or if it's real. Although it looks staged to me.
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Posted by The Curator on Mon Jun 06, 2005
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It is staged this is a cut down version for a copier company talking about their warrenty they say our warrenty is so good that we don't care how you break it will fix it.

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Posted by TooBIG  in  MadeInDetroit  on  Tue Jun 14, 2005  at  08:59 PM
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Tue Jun 21, 2005  at  04:03 PM
Citizen Premier: "It is staged; security cameras don't have sound."

Actually some do, but that doesn't mean the video is real. I think it's fake.
Posted by Alex  on  Tue Jun 28, 2005  at  10:03 PM
horation sanz for sure. this is a saturday night live skit.
Posted by Naomi  in  S  on  Fri Jul 01, 2005  at  03:09 PM
Actually if you pay close attention to the clock the hands change times between when he falls sits on it and falls in.
Posted by D  in  AK  on  Mon Aug 15, 2005  at  07:03 AM
Posted by Tugay BAHAR  in  Istanbul, Turkey  on  Sun Jul 08, 2007  at  02:09 PM
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