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Phony 9/11 Photos
Recently the Delray Beach Public Library arranged an exhibition of photographs taken by 71-year-old Milt Goldstein. The pictures were taken immediately following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and showed rescue workers searching for victims. Goldstein told anyone willing to listen how he had gained access to ground zero by buying an NYPD hat and jacket from a vendor on Canal Street. Goldstein was offering to sell individual pictures for prices ranging from $200 to $350.

But it turned out that the pictures hadn't been taken by Goldstein. He had simply collected them together from sources such as the Associated Press, the military, and other government agencies. When Goldstein's hoax was exposed, the library cancelled the exhibition.

But it seems the news didn't reach Atlantic Ave magazine in time, which features an article by Milt Goldstein in its current issue. (pdf link to the magazine.) In the article, Goldstein writes:

I saw the second plane approach and I started to take pictures of the events that followed. The rest of my story is in my photos. I took a few pictures 3 days after the tragedy from the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. I also took many more on the Saturday, immediately following the tragedy... It is only recently that I recovered my pictures from my daughter and decided to share them with others.

What he should have said was, "it is only recently that I downloaded the pictures from the internet..."

The thumbnail shows Goldstein posing with "his" pictures.
Categories: Hate Crimes/Terror, Photos/Videos
Posted by The Curator on Wed Sep 24, 2008
Comments (5)
second place? second plane.
(it's correct in the magazine)
/typo nazi

if you go to the pdf link, skip to page 28 of the document; article is just one page.

Is this any kind of reputable magazine anyway? it seems to consist mainly of ads.
Posted by P.falc  on  Thu Sep 25, 2008  at  04:52 AM
"Is this any kind of reputable magazine anyway? it seems to consist mainly of ads."

Isn't that pretty much every magazine these days?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Sep 25, 2008  at  05:40 AM
P.falc -- Thanks for pointing that out. It was the kind of typo that spellcheck doesn't catch!

I gotta say, I love that picture of Goldstein. He looks so proud of himself posing in front of his bogus pictures.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Thu Sep 25, 2008  at  11:26 AM
Interesting story about Milt Goldstein. I had the unfortunate experience of working for him for many years when he was Executive Director of Challenge Industries (now, Challenge) in Ithaca, NY. Aside from his lacking any real "people skills" in a nonprofit that supposedly served persons with disabilities, I found him unapproachable and nitpicking...Now, he has been found to be a liar, a fraud, and "copyright infringer"--along with Bernie Madoff, milking his friends for their money under false pretenses...We have recently seen such arrogant New Yorkers such as Elliott Spitzer, Bernie Madoff et al....Not suprized to find Milt Goldstein (born in Brooklyn and NYU graduate) among them. How dare he claim authorship and ownership of other people's photographs--and sell them to the public as his own!
Posted by Mr. Ted Nemesis  in  Ithaca, NY  on  Wed Mar 04, 2009  at  10:27 PM
Suprise, suprise.

Another lying fake 'Jew' scam-artist trying to make money off of 9/11...

Not only did fake 'Jews' (Israel) do 9/11 - but they have to try to make money from it at every turn.
Posted by The Prodigal Son  in  Vancouver Island  on  Thu Mar 04, 2010  at  04:05 AM
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