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Operation Knot So Fast
Eighty-three people have been rounded up by federal officials in Florida and accused of participating in sham marriages. A company called All Kind Services was staging fake weddings, complete with props, so that the couples could have photographs of their "wedding day" to show officials. From the Orlando Sentinel:
The four-tiered cake the newlyweds were about to cut was plastic. The glasses and plates on the reception table were empty. And the bride wore casual shoes under her wedding gown. Those were among the clues that caught the attention of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after they searched the offices of Winter Garden-based All Kind Services U.S.A. in August 2005. In a back room were the cake, the fake reception hall and a rack with several wedding dresses.
"The cake is the first clue," said Mark Garrand, assistant special agent in charge of ICE in Orlando. "It's not real. The glasses [on the table] are not filled. And the running shoes are a nice touch, too." Investigators soon realized that the photos and props were identical in many of the 25 marriage cases they were probing.

(Thanks, Joe)
Categories: Scams, Sex/Romance
Posted by The Curator on Sat May 10, 2008
Comments (3)
It's a pity we didn't get to see a proper photo, only a quick glimpse on the video. I'd have loved to have had a proper look to try and find the clues, plus it's just funny that some woman was wearing sneakers under her wedding dress.
Posted by Nettie  in  Perth, Western Australia  on  Sat May 10, 2008  at  08:54 PM
I love the name "Knot So Fast" and that this guy could say it with a straight face.
Posted by Leshka  in  NYC  on  Sun May 11, 2008  at  09:16 PM
Whoever thought up "Operation Knot So Fast" deserves a promotion.
Posted by Renquist  in  Glasgow, Scotland  on  Sun May 11, 2008  at  10:22 PM
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