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Baby Yoga, aka Swinging Your Kid Around Your Head
The Lovely Feejee Mermaid, 1842
Tube of liquor hidden in prohibition-era boot, 1920s
The damp spot that hoaxed a city, 1912
The Stone-Age Tasaday Hoax, 1971
Did Paul McCartney die on Nov. 9, 1966?
Tourist Guy 9/11 Hoax, Sep 2001
Brief History of Triple-Decker Buses
Boy floats away in balloon, 2009
Adolf Hitler Baby Photo Hoax, 1933
The Great Octopus Mystery
As a joke, a Peoria woman puts a baby octopus in her boyfriend's toilet. Her boyfriend gets home, finds an octopus in his toilet, and assumes it must have crawled there from out of the sewer. He calls the local paper and the city is soon caught up in the 'Great Octopus Mystery' until the girlfriend calls up and sheepishly confesses.
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Posted by The Curator on Sun Nov 23, 2003
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