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Nigerian Email Conference
John Walkenbach points out on his weblog that the Third Annual Nigerian Email Conference begins tomorrow in Abuja. I'm bummed that I can't make it.
Categories: Email Hoaxes
Posted by The Curator on Thu Nov 06, 2003
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We are not happy they way things are carry out in nigerian,

please tell the nigerian government to go take look and see the condition of the road in the southeast.

We dont have a good electricity could you tell the nigerian government to sort this out and if they dont do it we will do some bad things to the nigerian government .

now listen there is alot Ibo's living in united kingdom and we can see how nigerian has treated the Ibo's badly since Biafra and nigerian civil war .

final warning to the nigerian government you have 7 months to fix up the Ibo's and if you dont you will regret ok.

we are coming for you nigerian government.

please do not negelect this massage could pass it to the nigerian government because we already
have alot people in nigerian now they we start fucking up nigerian .
Posted by jack williams  in  london  on  Wed May 14, 2008  at  11:40 AM
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