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“New” Pearl Harbor photos a hoax?
I was unaware of this, but apparently a bunch of what appears to be previously-undiscovered photos of the attack at Pearl Harbor has been found. The article I'm linking to here (and the article IT links to) makes the claim that they aren't new at all, but are merely photos that have been around since the time of the attack, some altered to look new.

So, if this is a hoax, what's the point? Why would someone go to this length?

"New" Pearl Harbor photos a hoax?
Categories: Conspiracy Theories, Military, Websites
Posted by Cranky Media Guy on Thu Jul 05, 2007
Comments (6)
Well, everytime there's a hurricane or a tornado or a major wild fire, somebody digs up some old and fabulous hurricane/tornado/fire photo and says, "Here's an awesome photo of that ____ that devastated ____ last week," and then that somebody sends it to all their friends.

Then a year later when the next big hurricane/tornado/fire happens, somebody (presumably somebody else) digs up the very same photo and says, "Here's an awesome photo of that ____ that devastated ____ last week," and then that somebody sends it to all their friends.

Why why why why?

This seems like merely a more elaborate version of kind of the same thing to me. But I shall await further developments with interest. It could be some kind of elaborate hoax, but then again, it could be as simple as somebody thinking to himself, "Well, they are new to *me* so they must be new to everybody."
Posted by Kathleen  in  Indiana, USA  on  Thu Jul 05, 2007  at  10:26 AM
I think the very last line of the (first) article linked is the absolute most relevant line you could possibly quote on this phenomenon:

"Why does everything on Tatooine cast only one shadow?" LOL
Posted by Tah  in  Idaho (Yes, Idaho)  on  Thu Jul 05, 2007  at  06:11 PM
These photos prove that the claim that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor is a hoax. It was clearly the Brazilians.

Actually, the photo on the linked site looks like a still from Tora! Tora! Tora!
Posted by Christopher Cole  in  Tucson, AZ  on  Thu Jul 05, 2007  at  07:25 PM
This was on snopes a while ago.
Posted by Ty  on  Sun Jul 08, 2007  at  01:12 AM
Well if they are a hoax one word can tell why they were hoaxed; Ebay.
Posted by sam  on  Sun Jul 08, 2007  at  06:59 AM
it does not make sense. I don't see the point
Posted by feliz1a  in  belgium  on  Tue May 11, 2010  at  11:04 AM
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