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More photoshopped Palin pics
This one is titled "Caribou Barbie". I wouldn't label it fake based on the content (seems totally believable to me), but if you enlarge it you can see that Palin's head is far more pixellated than the rest of the picture, indicating it was cut-and-pasted in.

This Vogue cover was created by "Ishmael Melville" of the Kodiak Konfidential blog back in Dec 2007. Palin really did appear in Vogue, but wasn't on the cover. However, apparently a couple of news sites believed this photoshop creation was the real thing.
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Posted by The Curator on Wed Sep 03, 2008
Comments (6)
The bathing suit/gun pic is one hundred percent believable, based on Palin's history and ideology.

~Corny joke warning~
(Just look at how she's pandering to the NRA with her daughter's shotgun wedding.)
~OK, it's safe again from here on~

I wouldn't be surprised if there are real pictures of this nature somewhere, but it will be a challenge to find them. The McCain handlers have already been hard at work scouring embarrassing Palin pictures, videos, and information from the World Wide Web, according to several news sources and my own informal Web searches.
Posted by Big Gary  in  Cut and Shoot, Texas  on  Wed Sep 03, 2008  at  12:38 PM
The top one is fake. Snopes tracked down the real picture and its not her.
Here is the link.
Posted by James  in  NH  on  Wed Sep 03, 2008  at  07:50 PM
Thanks for the shout out. Amazing how far around the world this photoshopped Vogue cover has gone... makes me wish I had put a little more time into it. Since Friday I've had 11x the hits I've had over the course of almost two years. Weird.

Posted by ishmael  in  Kodiak, Alaksa  on  Thu Sep 04, 2008  at  09:41 AM
James in NH sez:
The top one is fake. Snopes tracked down the real picture and its not her.

Not only that, but Pundit Kitchen (note: crude language) has a link to the original pic's Flickr page. The comments there make for interesting reading.
Posted by Donna Ford  in  Midwest U.S.  on  Thu Sep 04, 2008  at  11:23 AM
James, it's not news that it's fake; Alex said it's fake when he first put it up here.

I've just got to forward this comment from the above-mentioned blog:

"Of couse it is
Posted by Big Gary  in  Padre Island, Texas  on  Thu Sep 04, 2008  at  03:11 PM
Is it just me, or is the gal who is actually in the photot in the bikini and with the rifle . . . Well, to be blunt . . . Kinda hot?
Posted by D F Stuckey  in  AUckland New Zealand  on  Thu Sep 11, 2008  at  08:34 PM
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