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Conman Makes Money Rain From Sky
Thanks to Big Gary for forwarding me this next story. A conman made hundreds of dollars by convincing residents of an Ethiopian town that he could make money literally rain down upon them from the sky. At first I thought, who could be stupid enough to believe that? But then I realized it's basically no different from any of the get-rich-quick schemes popular here in America: trade your way to riches in the stock market, work at home and earn big bucks, take this seminar and learn the secrets of financial success, etc...
Categories: Con Artists
Posted by The Curator on Fri Oct 29, 2004
Comments (2)
Given the climatic problems of Ethiopia, it might be more impressive and more useful if he could make water rain from the sky.

Alex, you forgot the most successful get-rich-quick scheme of all: lottery tickets.
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Wed Nov 03, 2004  at  09:18 PM
the lottery may be a ripoff for some people, but my mum has been playing it since it started over here and has won about
Posted by Amy  on  Fri Nov 12, 2004  at  07:15 PM
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