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Missing Women
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the rest of his new government posed for an official photo in Jerusalem on April 1. But when the photo appeared in the ultra-orthodox newspaper Yated Neeman, all the women had been digitally removed from the photo. Apparently ultra-orthodox Jews don't like the idea of women in politics and seem to believe that if they can't see them, then they don't exist. [Suomen Kuvalehti]
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Posted by The Curator on Mon Apr 06, 2009
Comments (4)
I don't think that has to do with women in politics. Ultra orthodox Jews censor pictures of all women in any kind of photograph, regardless of whether she is a politician.
Posted by Razela  in  Chicago, IL  on  Tue Apr 07, 2009  at  01:32 AM
What IS it about Orthodox religions and their fear of women? Or is it a fear of their own sexual desires?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Apr 07, 2009  at  04:21 AM
How sad. I feel sorry for those that feel threatened by the idea of a self-actualized, competent woman. shut eye

May the fleas of a thousand camel....... you know the rest... wink
Posted by daveprime  in  Deep in the sticks...*yay internet!!*  on  Tue Apr 07, 2009  at  10:00 AM
It isn't about women in politics: orthodox Jews take a very strict interpretation of the injunctions against lust, and therefore object to photos of women in print. Several of the odd-news feeds listing this story even mention that.
Posted by Fish  on  Thu Apr 09, 2009  at  05:39 PM
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