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New Zealand Rapper MC Emu
On the Fighting Talk weblog journalism student Patrick Crewdson gives an example of how hoaxes can make the leap from being fiction into becoming fact. He once edited a journal called Critic that published a joke article about "New Zealand's least-known musician": rapper MC Emu. Of course, MC Emu was fictitious, but now references to this rapper have begun to appear in serious histories of New Zealand music... references that seem to credit MC Emu with being a real character.
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Posted by The Curator on Tue Apr 13, 2004
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A favorite site of mine is Urban Legends Reference Pages ( The site master has inserted a spurious account to the origin of the nursey rhyme 'sing a song of six pence' as an idiot catcher...every now and then the account shows up as 'fact' in the media, and recently it showed up as a 'true' fact in a board game...hysterically, the board game is about Urban Legends. ROTFLMAO.
Posted by Karen  in  Providence  on  Thu Apr 15, 2004  at  11:03 AM
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