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Martha Serving
Someone called Martha (I wonder which Martha that could be?) who's recently been incarcerated in a federal prison has got a new blog up and running. She's already working on plans to redecorate her new surroundings:

I'm going to use toilet paper and threads taken from my bedsheets to quilt some nice drapes. I've been talking to some people on the outside about sneaking in some potpourri for me. This place is severly lacking in fine scents!
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Posted by The Curator on Mon Oct 11, 2004
Comments (2)
Yeah, and word has it she's redesigning her very large, very masculine new girlfriend's cell, as well ("but don't put none a' that sissy s%#! in here!")
Posted by Steenie  on  Wed Oct 13, 2004  at  06:00 AM
That has to be fake. No way would they let criminals have access to the internet. I could be wrong, but I dont see how they would let criminals use the internet in prison.
Posted by Deanna  on  Fri Oct 22, 2004  at  11:10 PM
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