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Man Claims Blue Man Group Attacked Him
According to James Sroden, the popular Blue Man Group attacked him when he went to see their show in October 2006. He says they forced him on stage, circled him, held his neck and arms, forced his head back, and then inserted an "esophagus cam" down his throat, projecting an image of his throat onto a large screen.

Sroden says he subsequently bled from the nose, had nightmares, and lost fillings in his teeth.

The Blue Man Group's version of events is quite different. From

The Blue Man Group's Chicago general manager said the stunt is just an illusion.
"Essentially, we have a piece in the show where an actor holds a camera to an audience member's mouth, doesn't enter their mouth, and then we play a video," Kori Prior said. "We have been performing this show in this theater for 10 years and have never had this issue before."

So it seems that Sroden is expecting a jury to believe that the Blue Man Group's illusion is actually real. Maybe he's hoping the Blue Man Group will pay him something in order to avoid going to court. (Thanks, William)
Categories: Law/Police/Crime
Posted by The Curator on Sat Jan 26, 2008
Comments (5)
This is just looking for a payday. I've seen the show 5 times--they don't bring them on stage and they cut to the video before the lipstick cam gets in the mouth. And if someone resists, they go to another.
Posted by ktownson  in  Pearl River, LA  on  Sat Jan 26, 2008  at  05:53 PM
Why don't they give him a 'virtual' settlement?
Posted by Christoper  in  Warm, sunny Florida  on  Sat Jan 26, 2008  at  11:47 PM
Blue Man Group? What, are they environmentalists or something?
Posted by Dave Rattigan  in  Liverpool, England  on  Sun Jan 27, 2008  at  04:42 AM
The case was filed in the Cook County Circuit Court; the case number is: 2008-L-000815

Docket information is available free from the court's site.

As of today, the only document filed is the complaint, filed on the 23rd of January.
Posted by Jesse Weinstein  on  Mon Jan 28, 2008  at  05:44 PM
Yeah, they'll believe him.

Watch this guy. He'll soon say he's suffered back pain since Lance Burton cut him in half. Really. Because it's easier to assault audience members than to pretend to.
Posted by Renquist  in  Glasgow, Scotland  on  Tue Jan 29, 2008  at  06:20 PM
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