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Malaysian Man Masquerades as Dentist
An unidentified Malaysian man ran a dental practice out of his home for 29 years -- without any kind of dental training. He learned his trade by carrying the bags of an army dentist for sixteen years. But apparently while he was carrying bags he was also observing closely, because he later figured he could do what the dentist did. And the truth is, after 16 years of watching the guy, he might have been right. The fake dentist charged 20 ringgit for extractions and 130 ringgit for dentures. The police have now arrested him and charged him with illegally practicing dentistry.
Categories: Health/Medicine, Identity/Imposters
Posted by The Curator on Wed Aug 15, 2007
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Did anyone suffer from this guys work, other than what people normally suffer when a dentist works on them? If he did good work good for him. If not, hang him. Some information that would be nice to have on this: what do dentists normally charge in comparison to this guy's rates? Did he do good work or not? If he did his work cheaper and as good as the regular dentists then I think the government needs to find a way to let him return to work.
Posted by Christopher Cole  in  Tucson, AZ  on  Fri Aug 17, 2007  at  07:56 PM
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