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The Nazi Air Marker Hoax, 1942
The Gallery of Fake Viral Images
'Solar Armor' freezes man in Nevada Desert, 1874
Tube of liquor hidden in prohibition-era boot, 1920s
Cursed by Allah
The Great Wall of China Hoax, 1899
Iceberg floats into Sydney Harbor, 1978
Samsung invents the on/off switch
Stotham, Massachusetts: the town that didn't exist, 1920
Tourist Guy 9/11 Hoax, Sep 2001
Mainline Airways
Mainline Airways was attracting lots of customers by offering super-low fares to Hawaii. But it turns out there was no Mainline Airways. Only a website created by a teenager.
Categories: Con Artists, Technology, Websites
Posted by The Curator on Fri Jun 13, 2003
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