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The premise of LoveRoom is that it's an apartment rental service that only rents to attractive people. So if you're an attractive person with an extra bed you're willing to rent out, LoveRoom will match you with another attractive person looking for a bed to rent. Forbes calls it an "Airbnb for Hotties".

After the recent debut of the LoveRoom website, quite a few media outlets wrote about the company as if it were a real thing. But Forbes reporter Kashmir Hill didn't have to do much digging before she learned it was only a "thought experiment" — so-called by Josh Bocanegra, who's the guy who put up the website. But Bocanegra says the site has generated so much media interest that he's considering trying to make it a reality.

Last year I posted about Miss Travel, which is a travel service that caters only to attractive people. And that's apparently real. So maybe LoveRoom can make the leap into reality as well. And hey, it looks like Bocanegra already has a beta-version of a functioning site up.
Posted by The Curator on Thu Nov 21, 2013
Comments (1)
In other countries this is known as a "call girl agency".
Posted by Richard Bos  in  The Netherlands  on  Sat Nov 23, 2013  at  09:56 AM


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