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The Cradle of the Deep, a literary hoax, 1929
Snowball the Monster Cat, 2000
Did Paul McCartney die on Nov. 9, 1966?
Prof. Wingard's Death Ray Hoax, 1876
Fake Fish Photos
Swiss peasants harvest spaghetti from trees, 1957
The Sandpaper Test, 1960
What do the lines on Solo cups mean?
Jennifer Love Hewitt's Disappearing Breasts
A black lion: real or fake?
LordCo Centre
The religiously inclined can find shops tailored to their needs over at the LordCo Centre Mall. Book a cruise on Noah Cruise Lines, or have all your financial needs taken care of at MeccaBank. (Warning: the site automatically plays obnoxious music).
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Posted by The Curator on Thu Dec 11, 2003
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The annoying music is long gone, and the new address is
Posted by LordCo  in  LordCo Centre  on  Mon May 03, 2004  at  06:52 AM
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