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Loch Ness as one of the 7 Wonders of Nature
Loch Ness is a finalist in a campaign to name the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Other finalists include the Amazon River, the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Loch Ness is very scenic and geologically very interesting, but Willie Cameron of Loch Ness Marketing thinks that the Loch should have a leg-up on the competition because, "None of the other nominees has a legacy we know as the Loch Ness Monster. Whatever it is, it is unexplainable and that is unique."

By that reasoning, shouldn't the North Pole also be a contender, since it's the home of Santa Claus? [Highland News]
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Posted by The Curator on Thu Jul 16, 2009
Comments (11)
Not to mention South Texas, home of the Chupacabra.

Loch Ness may seriously merit listing-- it's one of the longest and deepest lakes in the world, and famous for its scenery. But Nessie shouldn't be a consideration.
Posted by Big Gary  in  San Diego, Texas  on  Thu Jul 16, 2009  at  12:10 PM
The Amazon River is indeed quit a wonder and 11 million years old.
Posted by Unfairly Balanced  in  Earth  on  Thu Jul 16, 2009  at  01:27 PM
If that's the logic...then Kilimanjaro might be a better match...cuz of the unicorn. wink
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Thu Jul 16, 2009  at  03:43 PM
And the Himalas are home to the yeti, and I'm willing to bet the Amazon has some kind of giant fish an so on and on ....I vote for South Park, Colorado; home of the man-bear-pig
Posted by mario  in  new joysey  on  Fri Jul 17, 2009  at  04:07 AM
And what about the post-apocalyptic hellscape which is Secaucus, New Jersey?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Jul 17, 2009  at  04:31 AM
Or any place were there are big feet.
Posted by Unfairly Balanced  in  Earth  on  Fri Jul 17, 2009  at  06:35 AM
Ha! How could I forget the famous Jersey devil and infamous Mario the Ugly...(Apocalyptic hell-scapes are usually man made).Ok without Nessy, this Loch is still a wonder but to me it goes after other places, like the Grand Canyon, Iguazu, Niagara and Angel falls, the Great Barrier Reef, even the Great Lakes or lake Titicaca... I guess, if one is choosing natural wonders based on geological impact or beauty does make a difference.
Posted by mario  in  new joysey  on  Fri Jul 17, 2009  at  07:17 AM
I nominate the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, otherwise known as the Pine Creek Gorge. We have an odd species of animals here known as pus monkeys. They escaped from a train 50 years ago on the way back from a secret war germ laboratory, and have proliferated ever since. They are easily recognized by the large accumulation of pus under their scalp, which causes their heads to swell considerably. They are shy, stupid, and restless. We also have a species of goat in the gorge called side-hill mooties. One side of their legs is longer than the other, thereby allowing them to horizontally transverse the steep sides of the gorge, and remain upright. It is also rumored that Pesticide Nut McGee wanders the gorge. He once was a little green ball of clay, but you should see the things he can do today. He can go into any book, with his pony-pal Pokey, too, if you've got a heart then McGee's the one for you. You're welcome
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sat Jul 18, 2009  at  12:51 PM
""None of the other nominees has a legacy we know as the Loch Ness Monster. Whatever it is, it is unexplainable and that is unique.""

Well, that's lame.

I nominate Tasmania, Australia for it's unique way of life. Mainlanders reckon we have two heads due to inbreeding but I checked with my niece/wife and she said that was rubbish.
And we have a demonstrably real crypto-critter the Tasmanian Tiger and we have the pics to prove it.

And we're not taking it easy, when the Tasmanian Devil kicks-the-bucket we'll have two extinct animals to hunt for! wink
Posted by Joel B1  in  Hobart, Tasmania  on  Mon Jul 20, 2009  at  04:06 AM
I have been to loch ness three times Unfortunately i didn
Posted by nose hair clipper  in  UK  on  Tue Jul 21, 2009  at  02:47 PM
This is weird - there are far more beautiful and impressive places in Scotland. Loch Ness is actually rather boring; but I suppose it's the one place in Scotland that everyone's heard of, because of the (alleged) monster. If I had to choose somewhere in Scotland I'd nominate the Corryvreckan whirlpool. But on the whole I'm happy to concede that the UK is unlikely to have anything that deserves to be on a world-wide list. Things are rather small here.
Posted by Mr Henderson  in  Teddington, UK  on  Sun Aug 02, 2009  at  06:09 PM
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