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Kingdom Hospital
image Kingdom Hospital. It's the 'Hospital that brings out the best in you.' From its website you would think that it's a real hospital, until you start poking around it a bit. Then it gets creepy. It's a tie-in, of course, with ABC's Kingdom Hospital miniseries. But it's pretty well done. (submitted by Brian Flynn).
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Posted by The Curator on Wed Mar 10, 2004
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Wow, you guys are fast! I submitted a link and an hour later it's on your blog. Well done!
I discovered this site while "researching" a documentary I saw on my local ABC affiliate a few weeks ago. It was a fake documentary (a really well-done hoax) purportedly about the "real" Kingdom Hospital in Lewiston, Maine. It doesn't exist, but the documentary chronicled the tragic history of the fake hospital and all of the strange supernatural goings on there. They had actors playing the parts of the "real" doctors and nurses at the hospital, and an actress playing the "real" Sally Druse, on whose memoirs the Steven King story is supposedly based. Diane Ladd plays the part of Druse in the series, but the actress in this "documentary" was someone else. They even had "expert" testimony from psychic researchers and scientists claiming that all of the paranormal stuff going on at the "real" Kingdom Hospital could be explained by natural phenomena. I was convinced it was real for about 5 minutes, then slowly realized that the interviews were a little too well-rehearsed and the pictures of the "real" Kingdom Hospital (a very generic-looking hospital) never included a sign that said "Kingdom Hospital". I don't remember the name of the documentary - it was something like "Kingdom Hospital: The True Story" - but it was a very cleverly made hoax.
Posted by Brian Flynn  in  Sacramento, CA  on  Wed Mar 10, 2004  at  06:57 PM
extremly well done, for a hoaxthat is!
Other than the few links that actually go to the same page. It is linked to the miniseries on ABC however, none of the doctors on the webpage were in the miniseries curiously
Posted by J  on  Thu Mar 11, 2004  at  03:39 PM
i really liked that site. whoever made this site, well done
Posted by Eva  in  New york  on  Fri Feb 10, 2006  at  04:58 PM
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