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Jydsk Atomic Power
image Here's a hoax website from Denmark. It's Jydsk Atomic Power (in bad English via automatic translation here). I discovered the site through an article in a Danish newspaper (bad translation) that mentioned it, and also linked to my site. My Danish is a little rusty (nonexistent actually), but from what I can make out Jydsk Atomic Power claims to be overclocking their atomic reactor, thereby producing electricity with twice as much power. All electric devices drawing this double-strength power work twice as well. You'll be able to boil water on your stove in half the time! At least, I think that's what the site says. Any Danish speakers out there feel free to correct me.
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Posted by The Curator on Thu Aug 12, 2004
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You did a pretty good translating job:) Especially since some of the text actually doesn't completely make sense in Danish, either smile

It is true that this atomic power plant doesn't exist and that the website is a hoax. Although at first glance this site looks pretty genuine, once you read through the text it is quite apparent that it is a joke... For instance, it says that the new president will be working in the P.A.N.I.K. (or PANIC) insitute, a somewhat thought-provoking acronym.

I think most Danes would know immediately this was a hoax/whole big joke, knowing that there are no atomic power plants in Denmark whatsoever. Also, Danes pride themselves as environmentally concerned and great energy savers, so the pitch on the welcome page which translates into something like "Are you tired of having to save energy all the time? Are you tired of constantly having to turn down the heating every time you open the windows? Well now you can use all the energy you want, because we can provide it to you really cheap!"

However, it is an excellent example of a form of humour very common in Denmark.
Posted by Elizabeth  in  Denmark  on  Thu Aug 12, 2004  at  10:29 AM
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