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The Sandpaper Test, 1960
The Cradle of the Deep, a literary hoax, 1929
Did Poe say 'The best things in life make you sweaty'?
Pierre Brassau, Monkey Artist, 1964
Bizarre pictographs of Emmanuel Domenech, 1860
Man flies by own lung power, 1934
Actress who claimed she was kidnapped by puritans, 1950
Use your left ear to detect lies
Dog wins art contest, 1974
Samsung invents the on/off switch
Stories that sound like jokes, but aren’t
Every year on April 1 reporters test our wits by mixing in a few joke stories with the real ones. But then there are also the stories that are real, but sound like jokes. These stories challenge us to keep our skepticism under control. This year, the biggest example of that was Google's Gmail announcement that had many people swearing it must be a joke. Then we also had an article released by the British National Archives describing a bizarre WWII plan to place chickens inside of nuclear bombs (to keep the bombs warm). Apparently true. Finally, there's this story about Canadian plans to annex a group of Caribbean islands, thereby transforming Canada into an expansionist, imperialist power. This reminded me of the Canadian World Domination site, which is now unfortunately defunct.
Categories: April Fools Day, Journalism
Posted by The Curator on Fri Apr 02, 2004
Comments (3)
GMail is definately a joke. The link admits it.
Posted by Daryl Holland  in  Melbourne Australia  on  Mon Apr 05, 2004  at  12:32 AM
Canadian World Domination is here:
Posted by Tom  on  Tue Apr 06, 2004  at  09:10 PM
I am delighted to see that the CWD webpage is not defunct. I love the new logo, but I do miss the rather peevish looking beaver. Noting the permission language included in your disclaimer, I used the beaver on my fax cover sheets during the U.S.-Canada softwood lumber negotiations. I won't tell you which side of the issue I was on except to note that I was not popular in Quebec, despite speaking better French than the average denizen of "la Belle Province."
Posted by Barbary Pirate  in  Wellington, NZ  on  Thu Apr 08, 2004  at  01:01 AM
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