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Is The Blood Red Water Real?
blood red waterAn environmental activism group named Sea Shepherd photographed and videotaped Japanese fishermen slaughtering sixty dolphins in a cove near Taiji, Japan. They posted the pictures of the slaughter on their website, thereby causing widespread outcry. But one of the pictures is also provoking debate of a different kind. It shows the water of the cove turned an almost neon red color because of the blood of the dolphins. People looking at this are wondering, can that possibly be real? Can the water really be that red? Or did Sea Shepherd, perhaps, tweak the colors in the picture via photoshop? I don't have the answer. In an accompanying videotape the water is definitely red, though not quite as red as in the picture. The debate has been raging on Metafilter, as well as a site named egullet.
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Posted by The Curator on Sun Nov 02, 2003
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i dont think the picture was photoshopped, in the video the water was red, but video isn't that high of quality. The leaves from the trees were also brighter in the photograph. Different settings probably made everything appear brighter, including the water.
Posted by Andy  on  Sat Sep 18, 2004  at  05:10 PM
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