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Paul Krassner's Stereophonic Hoax, 1960
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Mencken's fake history of the bathtub, 1917
Adolf Hitler Baby Photo Hoax, 1933
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Hotmail Hoax
To all users of Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. If you ever get an email claiming to be from your service provider warning you that you need to forward the email you just received "so that we know you are still using this account," then it's a hoax. Variations of this hoax have actually been around a long, long time, but people are still falling for it.
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Posted by The Curator on Thu Aug 14, 2003
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Posted by dasfgsdfg  in  asdfsadf  on  Mon Apr 11, 2005  at  12:13 AM
DAMN! The ghost of Terry Schiavo is here, and putting in her vote for the new pope.

Wrong thread, wheezy.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Mon Apr 11, 2005  at  12:45 AM
Now I can't delete it because you made it funny, Rod!
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Apr 11, 2005  at  02:19 AM
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