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Great Wall of China Visible From Space
Apparently the Great Wall of China is visible from space. This confirms the old myth, but reverses reports from last year stating that the wall wasn't visible. A Chinese astronaut was able to snap a picture of it as he orbited overhead in the space station. Unfortunately it's not very visible. The astronaut wasn't even sure if he had actually photographed it or not. Plus, it turns out that many man-made things are visible from space.
Update: Here's a story in China Daily that contains the astronaut's photo of the Great Wall. You can't miss it because apparently the wall is bright yellow (or is it bright orange?)
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Posted by The Curator on Mon Apr 25, 2005
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What seems to be the point that EVERYONE is missing is that what does it matter if you can see it from space or not? There is nothing to be gained from the argument and it only depends on your position and eyesight. Wow, so profound...
Posted by Brandon  in  Tennessee  on  Thu Apr 24, 2008  at  02:08 PM
Thank you for the explanation.
Posted by Lens  on  Sun Sep 13, 2009  at  05:23 PM
Its all bullshit ! ! ! ! ! you can't see it from space.
Posted by :P  on  Fri May 14, 2010  at  10:25 PM
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