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The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation
image Do you suffer from irrational fears, unexplained twitching, or insomnia? If so, then the root of your problems may be childhood goat trauma, probably experienced at a petting zoo. The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation exists to help you. Their site contains a wealth of information. For instance, did you realize that some malicious goats have learned to climb trees and drop down onto unsuspecting people? Or that there have been reports of roaming urban goats at large? Personally I can't remember ever having been traumatized by a goat... though I can recall a particularly nasty experience involving some geese who mistook my toes for food. (submitted by Terry Austin in the Hoax Forum)
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Posted by The Curator on Tue Sep 28, 2004
Comments (5)
I've had issues with geese as well. I feel that all geese should be used for Christmas dinner.

But...I've always liked goats. The cute pygmy ones are my favorites!
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, Florida, USA  on  Wed Sep 29, 2004  at  11:58 AM
May this trauma be somehow related to goat sacrifice ritual mostly, not to petting zoos?
Posted by Lox  on  Wed Sep 29, 2004  at  06:13 PM
a goose bit me once it hurt bad
Posted by j-man  on  Wed Sep 29, 2004  at  08:59 PM
My family used to raise goats. It was a constant battle for supremacy.

I can't remember clearly, but I think the goats won.
Posted by Jim North  on  Wed Sep 29, 2004  at  11:52 PM
Well I visited Puck's farm when I was 6, and goats are really not friendly, especially when three dozen kindergarteners are poking them. *shudder*
Posted by Ariel  on  Thu Oct 07, 2004  at  11:20 PM
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