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Loch Ness Monster Hoaxes
Swiss peasants harvest spaghetti from trees, 1957
The boy with the golden tooth, 1593
The Cottingley Fairies, 1917
Prankster causes volcano to erupt, 1974
The Great Electric Sugar Swindle, 1884
The Hitler Diary Hoax, 1983
Bonsai Kittens, 2000
Fake Fish Photos
Dead Body of Loch Ness Monster Found, 1972
Hot Furniture-on-Furniture Action
image I guess this site really isn't a hoax since it delivers exactly what it promises: furniture porn. Still, when you think of porn this isn't what most people have in mind. Very safe for work, unless images of pieces of furniture posed provocatively offend you. (Thanks, Goo)
Categories: Sex/Romance, Websites
Posted by The Curator on Sat Apr 17, 2004
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Hey I heard about this site about year go but forgot all about it.
Posted by Wes Rains  on  Mon Apr 19, 2004  at  05:05 PM
Read this article to learn more.
Posted by ikia  on  Mon Nov 24, 2008  at  09:20 PM
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