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Fingers in Eyes
image Alex Knight sent in a link to this picture from Yahoo! News, which is one of those images that looks fake, even though it's real (warning: the full-sized image may definitely make you cringe). It reminds me of the 'finger through the nose and out the eye' picture which was going around about a year ago, and which was definitely fake.
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Posted by The Curator on Tue Apr 13, 2004
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I think it may be that his thumb is bent. That is, the last joint is not going into the eye, but at a right angle across the surface of the eye.
Posted by Ray  in  Devon, UK  on  Wed Apr 14, 2004  at  11:42 PM

painful...OH GOD!!!!
Posted by Eva  in  New york  on  Sun Feb 19, 2006  at  04:04 PM
If it's real, which I think it is, then SON OF A B**CH!!!!

Eyes, not the Eyes!!! anything but the eyes!
Posted by Carter S  on  Sun Feb 19, 2006  at  09:53 PM
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