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Fake Tourists Catch Cheats
From The Guardian, Prague police have declared war on cheating taxi-cab drivers by unleashing an army of fake tourists to flush out the cheats.
Categories: Law/Police/Crime
Posted by The Curator on Tue Sep 17, 2002
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Heh heh. I didn't know that. And I'm in Prague. I wonder if the fake tourists are getting paid - I obviously have some spare time to comment! I'd just dress in my American second-cousin's sports jersey and blue jeans, and get paid to go around saying "Oh, hello taxi driver I want to go to Orloj*"

*and I'd pronounce it [ORR-Lojh] rather than [orr-loyy]!
Posted by leekspin  in  Czech Republic  on  Thu Dec 18, 2008  at  08:09 PM
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