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The Sandpaper Test, 1960
The Cradle of the Deep, a literary hoax, 1929
The Lovely Feejee Mermaid, 1842
'Solar Armor' freezes man in Nevada Desert, 1874
Van Gogh's ear exhibited, 1935
The Berners Street Hoax, 1810
The Case of the Vanishing Belly Button, 1964
Paul Krassner's Stereophonic Hoax, 1960
Pierre Brassau, Monkey Artist, 1964
Use your left ear to detect lies
Fake Sheik
The Roanoke Times reports on a fake sheik who duped some Richmond residents back in 1978.
Categories: Identity/Imposters, Pranks
Posted by The Curator on Sun Dec 07, 2003
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My dad's cousin was one of the hoaxters, a member of the Sheik's "security detail." They rented a Rolls Royce and went to a bunch of restaurants and clubs, apparently just for the hell of it.
Posted by Mike  in  Washington, DC  on  Wed May 04, 2005  at  09:54 AM
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