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Fake Road Rage Takes Turn for the Worse
If you break down by the side of the road, what should you do? Use your cellphone to call for help, of course. Or, if you're a complete idiot, you can pretend that you and your buddy are fighting so that concerned motorists will call the police for you. A group of budding geniuses in Massachusetts chose option B, and soon ended up in jail after a policeman showed up and ordered them to the ground at gunpoint.
Categories: Law/Police/Crime
Posted by The Curator on Thu Jun 03, 2004
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HA HA! very funny tongue laugh how stupid, especially when u have a cell phone cool hmm they r kool kids lol
Posted by Abi  in  A'burg  on  Fri Jun 04, 2004  at  07:27 PM
Hey, you may want to take this down, the link no longer shows the picture....just one more thing to do when you get back from vacation big surprise
Posted by perrylover  in  Kansas  on  Sun Sep 12, 2004  at  06:31 PM
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