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Fake reporting of Shenzhou VII launch
China recently launched its third manned mission to space. Oddly, the Xinhua news agency reported the launch hours before it occurred. This would be understandable -- news agencies routinely prepare copy about major stories in advance of the event itself -- but the article included detailed dialogue between the astronauts:

"One minute to go!' 'Changjiang No.1 found the target! ...
"The firm voice of the controller broke the silence of the whole ship. Now, the target is captured 12 seconds ahead of the predicted time ...
"The air pressure in the cabin is normal!
"Ten minutes later, the ship disappears below the horizon. Warm clapping and excited cheering breaks the night sky, echoing across the silent Pacific Ocean."

Xinhua explained that the story had been posted early "due to a technical problem." Must be a glitch in their time travel machine. Link:
Categories: Future/Time, Journalism
Posted by The Curator on Fri Sep 26, 2008
Comments (2)
How does a "technical problem" explain the quoted remarks by those involved... Seems the Communist Director of Misinformation was hard at work on this story, as is the case with probably ANY "news" that is released by the Chinese government...

Nah!!! I think I agree with Alex on this one, "Must be a glitch in their time travel machine."...
Posted by Christopher  in  Warm, sunny Florida...  on  Fri Sep 26, 2008  at  06:13 AM
It gives me that nice, warm "1984" feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Posted by gcason  on  Fri Sep 26, 2008  at  08:58 AM
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